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Are You On The Elite Team This Year?

Much to our surprise, our Dream Team is growing like crazy! We never expected to have over 50 new members of the Dream Team in a matter of 3 months! On top of that, we are hearing reports of members who are earning an average $300/week in commissions.

That's $300 extra they get to pocket on top of what they are earning at their J.O.B. And this is just an average minimum. Not to mention, there will be Elite Team Members who will automatically join the Dream Team and will get a spot in the LeaderBoard for the Dream Team! That's a huge accomplishment in TinyBoss Blog!

I wonder, does your J.O.B. give you a bonus of $300 for you to pocket for yourself? Does your J.O.B. give you the spotlight when you reach a certain level (or allow you to reach that top level at all)?

If not, then I encourage you to join the Elite Team this year and start bringing in income for yourself. Do it! What do you have to lose (besides that $300/week you'll miss out on if you don't take action now)? To join the Elite Team, go to tinyboss.joinenvytv.com to get started; or call 704-361-6585 today! Hurry, spots are filling up fast on this year's Elite Team.

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