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Streaming More HD Channels Than The Most Basic Cable Package!

Honest answers only: how many of you are paying for DVR? Are you still not getting any of the shows and channels you want? Guest what, you're almost paying an average of $199/mo. just to be disappointed by channels you don't want and - on top of streaming live sports events on your phone or tablet while you're out of the house - you are paying an extra $30-$50/mo. just to access game coverage in HD. Not to mention, you have to have a TV provider to access the live sports events. Your wallet cannot get any emptier this year, can it?

Why not cut back on all of these streaming services and devices to just ONE service that works on your smartphone, computer, and tablet? And what if I told you that you can have all the HD streaming, all of the live events, and all of your favorite shows, for $49.97/mo.? Think about it: You won't have to cut back on going out to eat as much. All you'd have to do is cut the cord on DVR cable, cut back on all the other streaming services that require a TV Provider, and switch to a better TV experience! THIS is how streaming HD should be: http://www.tinyboss.joinenvy.com

Now, if you'd like to work part time in this groundbreaking streaming service, email tinyboss95@gmail.com to set up an appointment today! Spots are filling up fast!

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