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What Have You Done So Far?

We are about to surpass our first month in 2019. Crazy how time flies, right? One minute, we are ringing in the New Year. The next minute, we are about to end the first month of the year; and enter into the second month. This pondering moment raises a thought-provoking questions, however, to every single one of us:

What have you done so far?

If you entered 2019 thinking that things will stay the same as they were in 2018, then you are absolutely right! Nothing's changed. Everything's still the same. Same days, same people, same work/school schedule, same bank account, same semi-empty wallet - sounds boring, huh? Most people hate that things are still the same. Yet, these are the same people that are not willing to take the first steps towards changing things. They believe that, somehow, things will change on its own, all because it is a new year. Reality check: That's not how change works!

"If we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we aren't really living." - Gail Sheehy

Change is all about taking risks, one step at a time. If something didn't work out before, try again. This is the kind of attitude we are to carry this year. No matter what comes our way - nor what stood in our way before, we will press forward! Greater is ahead, despite what is surrounding us now (i.e. negative situations that we cannot change on our own). Just because the economy is in a sour pickle right now, that doesn't mean it will stay there in the coming months. Things can turn around for the better later. A lot can happen in just 2-3 months! If some of us are just dragging things out right now - such as not jumping on a prime opportunity for financial security and freedom, or more time freedom with family and friends, moving to a new and unfamiliar territory, making our dreams become a reality - what makes us think that these opportunities will be available tomorrow?

As we are about to close out January 2019 and enter into February 2019, if our situations have not changed a little from 2018, perhaps we must ask ourselves this thought provoking question: What have you done so far?

Let's not forget, however, to follow it up with these questions: Is what you are doing now working or not? What can you do to make a change, no matter how big or small? Will you start to make that change now?

Tomorrow isn't promised! This year, let's make the effort to get to that next level that we have all dreamt of!